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So as i hoped, Spain won the world cup ! Netherlands were just playing dirty, a total of 9 yellow cards, that´s not fair play, thats just a new record in cards in a world cup final.
But i gotta say spain was the better team, even tho netherland had some really great chances (Robben) But they just couldn´t manage to score. So in the 116´th extra time minute, The man the legend Andres Iniesta scored one beatiful goal. He will be praised in spain. So it was a good world cup with some memorable things, urguay who suprised everyone, Italy and france who finished last in their groups.
And yeah if youre wondering why there haven´t been any app review its because of the world cup, Hope that´s a good enough reason. Will get ya one tomorrw, so be sure to check out tomorrows update, Also don´t forget to rss subscribe so that you wont miss anything.


Spains first vm final ever, Well deserved i might say. I even hope they put up a fight against netherland and takes home the gold. It´s a real joy to watch spain play, they got some interesting individuals.
Many saw Germany as the strongest team in this world cup, but spain proved everyone that they were wrong. Never underestimate the european cup champions.
Great goal by puyol (!).