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Todays review is gonna be about the game called fragger, some of you may have played this before on as a flash game. It´s managed to get into top 25 paid apps so i thought it was worth give it a go.
The goal of the game is to blow up all the enemies by using frag grenades, but its not just always throw and hope you get lucky, you gotta think through every level, and every throw.
40 challenging levels, and 3 difficulty modes is what the game offers.
Price 0.99 $, without a doubt worth it, don´t you just love those cheap little games.
7/10 , it´s funny, but it feels like it lacks something.
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If you don´t know what ninjavideo is just ignore this post..
I will miss ninjavideo, their lovely forum, admins and quick uploads with highquality. I will miss the huge library of online streaming series, movies animes. Best site ever, to bad its gone. RIP
Ninjavideo won´t be back. Gotta find some alternatives, the downside is lack of highquality streaming site, i hate megavideo quality.