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If you ever heard of doodle jump you prolly heard about froggy jump, It´s just like doodle jump but it´s a free version. So i thought it might be good to just review it.
First of, it works exactly like doodle jump, but youre a frog instead of that doodle character. The powerups is pretty much the same. But in froggy jump you can collect diamonds that can be used to buy new stuff like jetpacks, life savers or new outfitl. you can also unlock new themes, like an underwater theme, volcano theme or soccer theme. It´s very funny and addicting just like doodle jump, so if you don´t have an buck to spend on doodle jump get this instead cause it will do the trick for you.
Price: Free
App store link


Todays review is gonna be about the game called fragger, some of you may have played this before on as a flash game. It´s managed to get into top 25 paid apps so i thought it was worth give it a go.
The goal of the game is to blow up all the enemies by using frag grenades, but its not just always throw and hope you get lucky, you gotta think through every level, and every throw.
40 challenging levels, and 3 difficulty modes is what the game offers.
Price 0.99 $, without a doubt worth it, don´t you just love those cheap little games.
7/10 , it´s funny, but it feels like it lacks something.
Appstore link

Lockerz is just an annoying site. At first i waited for the general redemption that was supposed to be at the end of june, stayed up quite late the last days of the month, only to find out that they moved it to somewhere between 1-10 july. So once again i had to be patient. I stayed up for some days, then i had some problems whit my internet and guess what.. of course the redemption was when my internet was down.
So from now on im leaving lockerz. for good.

Other news, new review coming up, stay tuned !

Doodle Jump
yeah i know that probably everyone had heard about this game, but i just wanna review it since it´s one of the most popular games. And just so that no one will miss it.
The goal of Doodle jump is to get as high up as possible , you gotta jump on small platforms to get higher, or take powerups like rocketpacks wich will take you much higher. there´s also some enemies in the game who will knock you down, so you gotta press the screen to shot at them. ( appstore link)
“On June 25, 2010 it was announced that the game had totaled over 5 million sales. It has been reported of having 28,000 downloads per day.”  – Wikipedia

even if it only costs 0,99 $ you can understand what an ammount of money they have earned by this game.
Overall rating 10/10 .. Im not sure it can get any better than this, It´s really addictive, fun and i like the style of the game. And you will forever keep on trying beating your own highscore.

Today´s review is gonna be about the mmorpg Imo the world of magic, It´s an realtime rpg, which means that players that you see on the same map are playing at the exact same time as you. You can pvp, form party´s to encounter bosses in diffrent dungeons. There is 3 Classes to choose from, Ranger, Magician and fighter.
Ranger is the long range distance fighter, with a bow.
Magician, is sort of a wizard who uses mp.
Fighter is the most endurance fighter, usually called warrior, have kind of a tanking role.
I haven´t really played this game that much, but i think i have played enough to make a short review.
It´s some sort of cartoonish enviroment, And its the ordinary go complete quests to lvl. One thing i haven´t tried yet, is the pvp.  You can form a guild with your friends, earn skillpoints, gather rescources to get new equipment.
overallt it´s a really good game, but you might find it boring after a while cause it has a habbit of repeating it self. But its worth to try out.
Price: Free !
(appstore url )

Overall rating 7/10

Wolf boy

Posted: July 1, 2010 in Games
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Yeah since i realised that geometry wars was for the ipad only i decided not to review that one.  Instead im gonna review a great cheap game called wolf boy.

Wolf boy is an hack and slash type of game, where you are a boy who got the power to transform into a werewolf at full moon, classic i know.
While in wolf form you get more power and defence. You can also pick up all kind of weapons while a boy, like swords etc.
The reason why i thought that i would post something about this game is becuase its really funny, and i love the animations. Everything is so smooth, and the controller is perfect.
Price 0,99 $.
go check it out now !

(link to appstore              )

Go into appstore right away, tiki totems premium is for free, great game. and well we all love free stuff dont we !