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If you ever heard of doodle jump you prolly heard about froggy jump, It´s just like doodle jump but it´s a free version. So i thought it might be good to just review it.
First of, it works exactly like doodle jump, but youre a frog instead of that doodle character. The powerups is pretty much the same. But in froggy jump you can collect diamonds that can be used to buy new stuff like jetpacks, life savers or new outfitl. you can also unlock new themes, like an underwater theme, volcano theme or soccer theme. It´s very funny and addicting just like doodle jump, so if you don´t have an buck to spend on doodle jump get this instead cause it will do the trick for you.
Price: Free
App store link


Since it´s the world cup, im gonna do an fotball kind of app. Basically its a free kick game, where youre supposed to score from diffrent positions on the field. In order to score you need to bend it like beckham to fold the defenders or goalkeper.

there´s four kind of game modes,

Tutorial. Where you learn how to bend

Practice. In practice mode you got unlimited tries, and can shoot how many times you want without any time limit or extra lives.

Arcade. This is by far the funniest game mode, You need to score to advance to another position on the field, from start you dont have any extra lives, but if you manage to score close by the posts, you get extra lives. It´s tricky and really addicting.

Time attack. In time attack you get extra time for scoring, so the goal is to be quick and score as much as possible to gain extra time.

It uses the 3rd party inbuilt system called Openfeit, Im a huge Openfeit fan, really like those achivments and challenges.
Graphics , 9/10. Can´t really get any better.
Sound. 5/10, a bit boring sounds.
Gameplay 9/10, Working really well
Addiction 8/10. You just want to keep on trybeating youre highscore