How to bypass megavideo time limit

Posted: July 7, 2010 in Uncategorized
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How to bypass megavideo´s time limit, which we all hate. Thought this might be usefull since ninjavideo is down and all other streaming sites uses megavideo. There´s more ways to do this, but this is some of the easiest

First, clear your browsers and cookies. Then, If your using Firefox, Go to: Tools > Options and click “Exceptions” and block “” & “” (without quotes)  If you don’t want to clear browsers & cookies follow step 2  Step 2   Megavideo 72 minutes Method 2 (Patience Required): Hit play on the TV show/Movie you are about to watch. Once its done loading fully, in Firefox go to File > Work offline and your file won’t get interrupted. For non Firefox users you can just go offline with your computer.   (

Or do as in the following video:


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