IMO the world of magic

Posted: July 4, 2010 in Games
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Today´s review is gonna be about the mmorpg Imo the world of magic, It´s an realtime rpg, which means that players that you see on the same map are playing at the exact same time as you. You can pvp, form party´s to encounter bosses in diffrent dungeons. There is 3 Classes to choose from, Ranger, Magician and fighter.
Ranger is the long range distance fighter, with a bow.
Magician, is sort of a wizard who uses mp.
Fighter is the most endurance fighter, usually called warrior, have kind of a tanking role.
I haven´t really played this game that much, but i think i have played enough to make a short review.
It´s some sort of cartoonish enviroment, And its the ordinary go complete quests to lvl. One thing i haven´t tried yet, is the pvp.  You can form a guild with your friends, earn skillpoints, gather rescources to get new equipment.
overallt it´s a really good game, but you might find it boring after a while cause it has a habbit of repeating it self. But its worth to try out.
Price: Free !
(appstore url )

Overall rating 7/10


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